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27.02.2017 The African University that runs an incubator for early stage start-ups and spin-off companies using its research IP

From the Smart Monkey newsletter:
Elsewhere globally universities have both fostered technology transfer and start-ups. With certain exceptions, this approach in Africa has been less common. Stellenbosch University runs Launchlab and Russell Southwood spoke to its Operations Manager Brandon Paschal.

Launchlab came out of the work of Stellenbosch University’s Technology Transfer Office. It saw the need to incubate businesses based on the IP they were commercialising out of research that had taken place at the University.

It used 5 spin-off companies to start Launchlab in 2014 and now there are 6 companies that have come out of the University and 70 non-University companies. Nedbank is the incubator’s sponsor. The incubator focuses on six sectors including fintech, media, clean tech and education...[more]

26.02.2017 How is innovation fostering the communities of the future.

FabLabs appeared around the year 2000 as units of production at a local scale with the aim of empowering communities through technology at a grass-roots level. Sixteen years later they have become key in the development of cities and are spaces that promote social inclusion. Within the context of ColaborAmerica, we interviewed Geraldine de Bastion, an expert on information and communication technology and promoter of the social innovators network Global Innovation Gathering, who explained some of the main benefits these new innovation labs carry with them.

“From a very humanistic point of view women and men have always wanted to make, to create. This is embedded in human nature”.

-Geraldine de Bastion Fablabs, makerspaces, hackerspaces and anything that can be seen as an ‘Innovation Lab’ are playgrounds for curious people. Equipped with high-tech machines and professionals, they allow us to unleash our inner child and be creative. But the goal of these places is not just to play. They are spaces that empower citizens to build meaningful and value-oriented solutions to current problems and promote social political and economic inclusion...[more]

26.02.2017 An ultra-low-power artificial synapse for neural-network computing

From Kurzweil:
Stanford University and Sandia National Laboratories researchers have developed an organic artificial synapse based on a new memristor (resistive memory device) design that mimics the way synapses in the brain learn. The new artificial synapse could lead to computers that better recreate the way the human brain processes information. It could also one day directly interface with the human brain...[more]

21.02.2017 7 Painful Blogging Problems And How to Solve Them

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When operating a successful blog becomes problematic or you simply have difficulty getting things off of the ground, you might be tempted to give up altogether. Before you throw in the towel, though, remember that other bloggers have dealt with the same issues. They have successfully navigated the troubles that you face now and gone on to be successful. There… read more →

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