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26.09.2016 Building LGBTQ Inclusive Workplaces

Building LGBTQ Inclusive Workplaces

Nicole Sterling | September 26, 2016
I am Nicole Sterling, a Point Foundation scholar currently studying public relations, advertising, and marketing at Towson University in Maryland. I’ve done work in the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay,...

26.09.2016 Malawi's mHub

An update from the VOA:

26.09.2016 Rangdezvous VII—Meet The Founder Of An Institute (SSISM) That Prepares Rural Students For The Job…

Degree colleges have mushroomed across India but are all the graduates from rural areas truly employable?

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24.09.2016 From farmer to chef: Developing the African cuisine value chain

Emanuela Gregorio writing on the AFDB blog:
New innovations in the food industry, one of the world’s oldest and largest industries, are creating attractive opportunities on the African continent. With unusual blends of spices and bold flavours, ingredients and techniques from African regions have emerged as the new gastronomic trend in kitchens around the world. As on other continents, the agro-food industry plays a fundamental role in the creation of income and employment opportunities in Africa’s developing economies...[more]

23.09.2016 AMP: The Beginning of the End for Standalone Smartphone Apps?

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If you’ve been paying attention to the latest trends in content marketing and SEO, you are surely aware of the AMP initiative that was publicly announced in late 2015. For those of you who have not yet seen it, you can read more about AMP on CMSwire here, here and here. Short on time? Start with this simple definition from… read more →

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22.09.2016 I Believe In Rang De — How Raising 63 Lakhs With The Help of 134 Social Investors Taught Me About…

I am currently working in a small town in Raleigh in the United States and Rang De only came to my attention after my friend Rahul Dewan…

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21.09.2016 Behind The Scenes — Why A Social Worker Made The Switch To Technology

Born and raised in Chittapur, a small town in Gulbarga district in Karnataka, we did not have access to good educational institutions. I…

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21.09.2016 Twitter Chat: Defining and Narrating Your Impact (Sept. 22)

Thursday, September 22    |    1 p.m. Eastern    |    #amexleads

On Thursday, Sept. 22, at 1p.m. Eastern, join Ashoka Changemakers for a conversation designed to share ideas and best practices in measuring impact and using that information to shape your narrative.

This Twitter chat picks up on powerful discussions during the two recent Ashoka and American Express Emerging Innovators Bootcamps, held this month in Toronto and New York city and is designed for social entrepreneurs and leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Use the hashtag #amexleads to participate!

Featured Panelists

We want this to be a substantive conversation with insights from everyone, so don't be shy about sharing your ideas and your questions alike. We're delighted to have a few influential participants join us as panelists:

Chike Ukaegbu, Founder of Startup52X  |  @chikeukaegbu 
NYC's first inclusive-diversity focused Accelerator, in love with founder-teams with strong diversity profiles (people of color, women, LGBTQ+, veterans, immigrants, etc.)

Marcus A. Noel, Founder of Heart Of A Man  |  @HoM_Noel
HoM is brand DESIGNED to transform the way you THINK, SHOP, and EDUCATE. Our products are designed with young entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to reality.

Mia Hall, Founder of CoWorld Changers  |  @CoworldChangers
Hampton U alumn living in the 'C:earth_africa:' - intentionally inspiring and encouraging the world to achieve their dreams.

LibraryForAll  |  @LibraryForAll
Library For All is a nonprofit that has built a digital library for children with limited access to books in developing world.

Chat Questions

Let's talk about evaluation and about telling compelling stories about your impact, geared for your various stakeholders. How do you do it? What's working and where do you need help? How do you integrate diverse voices in a way that's authentic to your brand, and valuable for them? Let's learn from each other and some of the experts in the evaluation and storytelling field.

We're sharing these questions but encourage you to ask your own as well.

Q1: What do you find are the most valuable metric(s) to capture your impact and why? #AmexLeads
Q2: Share an insight you’ve gained from a pitfall you’ve faced with measuring/evaluation? #AmexLeads
Q3: What are some concrete ways you’ve used evaluation as a tool to spark dialogue with your stakeholders to stimulate social change? #AmexLeads

Q4: How do you tap diverse voices to tell the story of your impact, remaining authentic to your brand? #AmexLeads
Q5: What is the best success story you have from remaining authentic to your brand and self? #AmexLeads

# # #

19.09.2016 Supporting Women Weavers in Assam For 17 Years — The Mulberry Story

Rakhee Choudhury, a 2002 Ashoka fellow, was the daughter of an Army officer who lived in many places outside Assam but it was not long…

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19.09.2016 Making it Matter to a Million one borrower at a time

This is a guest blog from Nate Hurst, Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer at HP, our Matter to a Million partner.

Sabita never had the opportunity to go to school, but she wants her children to have a different future. Sabita is part of a group of female entrepreneurs in Balangir, India, who use Kiva loans to create successful businesses to fund their children’s education and improve their family’s livelihoods. With her loan, Sabita established a store to sell cosmetics and hair and beauty products, earning enough money to pay her children’s school fees and buy study materials.
As a parent, Sabita’s story strikes a chord with me. We all want to make life better for our children. I’m proud that through an innovative five-year program between the HP Foundation and Kiva, called Matter to a Million, I get to play a small part in Sabita’s and her family’s journey to a brighter future. 
At HP, we have made a longstanding commitment to sustainability that embraces every aspect of our business. And sustainability inspires our employees to take action to help make life better for everyone, everywhere. In 2013, the HP Company Foundation partnered with Kiva to give each of our employees worldwide a $25 Kiva credit to make a loan to a borrower in one of the countries where Kiva operates. The HP Foundation provides another $25 Kiva credit to every employee, every year, for five years. 
This large-scale employee engagement program was the focus of a 2013 joint commitment to action by the HP Company Foundation and Kiva through the Clinton Global Initiative. In the program’s first three-and-a-half years, HP employees have loaned more than $12M to help borrowers in over 80 countries raise themselves up and make a better life—and we aren’t done yet.
HP’s fall 2016 Matter to a Million campaign kicks off September 20. Once again, each HP employee will receive a $25 loan credit to loan to a Kiva entrepreneur of their choice, helping drive economic development on a global scale. This campaign builds on a successful spring campaign—our first since separating with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in November 2015—during which 18,000 HP employees made loans totaling over $683,000.
In addition to making individual loans, groups of up to 10 employees are able to pool their credits to make one bigger loan to a Kiva borrower. And to help drive awareness to the program and boost participation, HP employees received additional incentives by sharing loan updates on their personal social media accounts. 
The program is bolstered by an enthusiastic group of 220 HP employees around the world who serve as Matter to a Million Lending Leaders. As advocates for the program, Lending Leaders used a range of activities–like hosting information tables, talking with co-workers, and presenting at team meetings–to engage their colleagues in the program. These efforts prove to me once again that our company’s desire to make life better for everyone, everywhere is more than HP’s vision statement – it’s a driving force within HP employees.
As my son starts his first year of kindergarten this year, I’m reminded how precious and vital access to education is for the future of our planet. For Sabita and the 2.1 million other Kiva borrowers working to create opportunity for themselves and others, I’m honored to be among the HP employees playing an active role in giving a hand up to these entrepreneurs as they build a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities. 


18.09.2016 Mulberry — Giving Weaving in Assam a Fighting Chance

Rakhee Choudhury, an Ashoka Fellow, calls Assam home and runs Mulberry, a non-profit organisation that works towards the development and…

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