Who are we?

YOUPHIL.COM, a pure Internet media player, reaches out to a broad audience offering a unique take on the news by viewing it through an engaged, multi-faceted light.

Be it through a non-profit, humanitarian, philanthropic, corporate, entrepreneurial, environmental, political or innovation-driven lens, Youphil.com deciphers current trends, providing a new perspective on social change. 


With articles, features, interviews, videos and slideshows, both european and international, youphil.com's team is committed to provide you with great quality editorial content.


Our team is based in Paris, with correspondents around the world and over thirty guest contributors, all experts in their fields.


Youphil.com also features a community of bloggers that are socially committed. Ready to join them?




Angela de Santiago, CEO and Founder


Romain de Oliveira, journalist



Sylvie Fernandes, Communication, editorial and Partnerships