Terms of Use and Comment Moderating

You can download our Terms of Use (currently translated in English) in a pdf format: Terms of use.



Youphil Comment Moderating


You must create an account on Youphil before you can submit a comment, a blog entry or contribute to Association “Friends” pages.


Comments will be moderated following submission. All comments will be monitored before they are put online and Youphil reserves the right to delete them if necessary.


Any comment of a racist, discriminatory, homophobic or anti-Semitic nature, in addition to comments that are defamatory, that deny crimes against humanity and any other illegal comments will be deleted.


If you see any such comment on this site, please notify us by clicking “Inappropriate Comment” at the bottom of the page.


There’s no need to be aggressive. Our moderators read your comments, take them seriously and respond as quickly as possible.


Bloggers are responsible for moderating their blog entries on their own.


Any contribution or comment of a commercial or promotional nature will be eliminated.


Including personal contact information, such as phone numbers and/or postal or email addresses is not authorized. Links to personal blogs unrelated to the subject matter will be eliminated. However, all links to sites and blogs that contribute to the discussion of the subject are welcome.


All comments unrelated to the subject will be deleted.